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Hi, I'm Emily.

artist. designer. creative adventurer.

The Happy Ginger Co. is about the process of joy and creativity. Things made in joy to plant more joy in the world. I have been employed as a costumer, Christmas tree designer, prop stylist, wedding planner, party headband shop owner, and visual marketer. So long as I can pursue creativity, joy is never far from me.

I come from a long line of makers: master carpenters and confectioners, seamstresses and quilters, wood workers and painters. My inheritance is a collection of creative pursuits taught by skilled acolytes and passionate tinkerers over the course of my life. Its my sincere hope that my shop and site bring you some sunshine and inspire you to follow your creative pursuits.

Fierce joy isn’t daunted by a bad day or disaster. It burns so brightly that when unfriendly winds blow, your glow becomes a wildfire. Fierce joy is a little reckless, but it’ll get you to the sunshine no matter how dark the day.

fierce joy.

Wild creativity ignores the critics and the pessimists dressed like realists. It’s fueled by runaway imaginations and daydreams. Wild creativity sits with you everyday just waiting for you to come looking.

wild creativity.

Relentless curiosity is terrible for your sleep routine but great for your joie de vivre. It’ll lead you down wildflower alleys and inter web rabbit holes, and leave you grateful for the journey.

relentless curiosity.

Intentional kindness asks you to be present and connect. It can mean something as simple as a smile or a seat or require bravery and great effort. It is how we love each other, making all things possible. 

intentional kindness.

Interested in teaming up? I love collaborating with other creative people and brands. If you’ve got something in mind, let’s talk about it. I am interested in partnering with brands and non-profits that encourage creativity, joy, and kindness.

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